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The M-SRA was established in 1974 and has a membership of nearly 500 cowboys and cowgirls from Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas.  The primary purpose of the M-SRA is to promote good will and closer cooperation and relationships among stock contractors, contestants, committees, spectators, and everyone involved in the sport of rodeo. Members compete in over 50 rodeos throughout the summer to qualify for the M-SRA Finals!

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Should you wish to submit a rule proposal, the proposal must be turned into me by Wednesday September 9th.

When submitting your proposal, please tell me where in the rule book it should be placed

and if it is or is not replacing an existing rule to avoid future confusion.

Finals Vendor Application


JUDGES: Kent Young, Joe Johnson, & Rick Buoy
TIMERS: Jill Hudson & Maureen Hollenbeck
ANNOUNCER: Duane Bellin
CLOWN: Shawn Stutzman
PICK-UP MEN: Craig Hollenbeck & Taylor Davis
BULLFIGHTERS: JR Clouse & Beau Schueth


As we are nearing the end of rodeos for the mixed team roping and finals not far off, I would like to touch base with all of you and fill you in on plans for finals, as it will be here before we know it.

As most of you know, the mixed team roping event requires the help of every mixed team roper girl to make it a successful event at finals. That being said, we have decided to make a few changes in regards to raising money this year. Our goal this year is to make this year's finals the best yet for everyone. It takes a lot of work and time to make this happen and in order for it to work we are going to be asking each roper to raise money towards the finals. We are working hard to have a saddle donated, coats, and more money added to the pot than the previous years. We have already started raising money and coming up with donations but much more is still needed. With this being said it takes the help of everyone.

Each roper is asked to please raise a minimum of $200.00 to be donated to the mixed team roping 2015 finals. $50.00 of this will go towards your finals coat and cost of embroidery as well as shipping and extra cost. This will not cover the entire cost of coats but will help greatly. The rest of the money will go directly to the pot. We are asking that every girl participate and if you end up not making finals your donated money will all go into the pot. If you make finals this year and you do not raise the $200.00 you will not receive a coat. Please be mindful and respectful as to all of your fellow ropers, everyone has worked hard and we need to continue to be a great group of supporting ropers and to keep this event going. Best of luck to everyone at all of the upcoming rodeos and safe travels. Remember, you will rope for what you raise.... If you have any questions please contact Shaley Davis or myself. All donations are DUE BY AUGUST 31! Donations can be given to Shaley or myself. Thanks again everyone!

2015 Membership Application and Rodeo Approval forms are available!

2015 Rule Book available

Thank you to everyone that has bought a M-SRA membership thus far. You can check your M-SRA number HERE!


M-SRA daysheets can be found by clicking on "Schedule" tab

M-SRA Members:

There was an error in the M-SRA rulebook. Last year rule #6 in the Breakaway section was voted on and passed, but did not specify that it needed to replace rule #5 in that section. Therefore, they contradict one another. During the 2015 season, please ignore #5 and use #6, as that was what was voted on last year.

 Announcing the 2015 M-SRA Finals are tenatively scheduled for October 2-4, 2015 in Lincoln NE!


Finals Buckles by Shea Michelle - Saddles by Tod Slone!

Schedule of Board Meetings for the new year:

 August 6, 2015 – Chambers – Before 1st Performance @ 3pm

 September 7, 2015 – Johnstown – IF NEEDED

 November 8, 2015 – Burwell – 1pm


Congratulations to our Year End Champions and Contract Personnel!

All Around Men's - Kyle Whitaker

All Around Women's - Dori Hollenbeck

Bareback - Corey Evans

Steer Wrestling - Tyson Cox

Tie Down Roping - Garrett Nokes

45 & Over Tie Down - Rusty Kluender

Ladies Breakaway - Amber Coleman

Saddle Bronc - Kyle Whitaker

Team Roping Header - Kevin Kessler

Team Roping Heeler - JW Nelson

Ladies Barrel Racing - Dori Hollenbeck

Bull Riding - Ricky Clouse

Mixed Team Roping - Shannon Luetkenhaus

Rookie Men's - Joeseph Vrba

Rookie Women's - Carla Jensen


Announcer of the Year - Jared Slagle

Secretary of the Year - Tara McKay

Timer of the Year - Maureen Hollenbeck

Judge of the Year - Dan Dailey

Bullfighter of the Year - Justin Sprague

Clown of the Year - Shawn Stutzman

Pickup Man of the Year - Taylor Davis

Timed Event Contractor of the Year - Terry Graf

Rough Stock Contractor of the Year - McKay Rodeo

President - Matt Paulsen

Rodeo of the Year - Madison

Member of the Year - Dallas Carson

Bareback of the Year - Twisted Sister, 665 Hollenbeck Rodeo Co

Saddle Bronc of the Year - McKay Rodeo Co.

Bull of the Year - Big Richard 34 McKay Rodeo Co


"Thank you so much for the Secretary of the Year Award! It means a lot to me & I really appreciate it! I enjoy working with the contestants, committees, & other contract personnel! Thanks again! Tara McKay"



Thank you to our corporate sponsors.


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