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The M-SRA was established in 1974 and has a membership of nearly 500 cowboys and cowgirls from Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas.  The primary purpose of the M-SRA is to promote good will and closer cooperation and relationships among stock contractors, contestants, committees, spectators, and everyone involved in the sport of rodeo. Members compete in over 50 rodeos throughout the summer to qualify for the M-SRA Finals!

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Bill McCall of Johnstown, NE passed away on Saturday July 19th, 2014. Bill was a long time rodeo competitor and his love for the sport was with him to the end. Survivors include wife, Mary Jo, children Lacy and DCoy Holeman, James and Billy. Services will be held at the Brown County Fairgrounds, Johnstown NE on Thursday, July 24th, 2014 at 11 am Central Time. Any mounted riders are welcome, but the 45 and over calf ropers will serve as honor guard. Following services will be a reception with meal at the Hall on the Fairgrounds. Cards may be sent to the McCall family at 87946 422nd Avenue Johnstown Nebraska 69214


Day Sheets are linked on the schedule page - Results are posted as soon as they are received.....


Note from Entry Line:


1. When  entering with a "NONMEMBER" you become nonmember status also. Members receive priority status over nonmembers at all 1st approved M-SRA rodeos.

2. All memberships of the rodeo entering of the approved associations become equal in status to receive priority. No association or membership rating of an association rates higher than another. (example...M-SRA HS memberships do not receive priority over another M-SRA membership, or M-SRA memberships do not receive priority over an IRA/NSRA/KPRA/MRA memberships).

3. Entering an "OUT" as a 2nd preference is allowed, BUT does NOT guarantee you your preference.

4. Numbers in a performance are set by committees and stock contractors.

5. When a buddy group has events that may have slack and other events do not, and performances are full, and the slack is immediately following a buddy group may become split. This is not a rule, but something I do to get you entered. If you do not like this, please tell us not to do so and we can just draw you out.


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